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This page defines the acronyms and terms used throughout the site. You can browse through all terms or jump to a specific term by clicking the first letter of the term in the menu bar below.
Nutrition Counseling

​Individualized guidance to individuals who are at nutritional risk because of their health or nutrition history, dietary intake, chronic illnesses, or medications use, or to caregivers. Counseling is provided one-on-one by a registered dietician, and addresses the options and methods for improving nutrition status.


Nutrition Education

​A program to promote better health by providing accurate and culturally sensitive nutrition, physical fitness, or health (as it relates to nutrition) information and instruction to participants, caregivers, or participants and caregivers in a group or individual setting overseen by a dietician or individual of comparable expertise.


Nursing Facility Transition Program
The Nursing Facility Transition Program can be used to help an adult residing in a nursing home transition from a nursing facility back into the community.  Some examples of these one-time funds include: home modifications, travel and training for caregivers, trial trips to home or an assisted living home, cleaning, furnishings, transportation to new home.

Nursing Oversight and Care Management Service

Evaluation of a person’s care needs and training needs by a registered nurse.  Creates and implements the required nursing oversight plan.