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I dunno if he's necessarily gay...I wouldn't throw it out as an option, but I feel that it might be something else. I personally didn't date throughout college either (well, I did once but it ended very, very poorly) but I mostly think that it has to do with the small, Christian college influence. It doesn't exactly inspire "dates" as much as hanging out in peoples room and drinking to repeat episodes of Family Guy. Which in my opinion, is not exactly romantic and didn't make me want to jump anyone's bones (well, only sometimes, thx booze). I feel like this guy has taken off so much time from the dating scene that he's built himself into an emotional no-touchy box (add in a bit--okay a LOT-- of christian guilt/judgement about sex, a lack of experience and a culture which bases self-worth off of sexual competency, and voila! Someone who is afraid of intimacy!) which he just needs to get over his fears of letting others in because he cannot trust them, and figure out the existential beef with himself. Whether that be liking dudes, liking chicks, liking whoever, I totally agree that he should see a counselor to work it out, and to just get out there. You just don't know until you live it first-hand, so quit being so damn afraid of yourself and just live.

May 15 11 at 11:01 am
I think if your first thought when someone asks you if you like boys is "admit it, you are gay" then you are probably gay and at least bisexual.

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